Rapid growth of art therapy in our region

Like everything else, psychotherapy is in active development. This is a requirement of the day. Modern trends and the age of innovation require that you are skilled in many areas and have different skills. Traditional methods of psychotherapy are no longer surprising. Art therapy is not something that will surprise everyone. Many people have heard of it. However, it was not surprising to many. A survey was conducted on Radio Sokal’s Facebook Page and found that 65% of respondents don’t even know what art therapy is. What is art therapy? And why do they exist? This was explained by Yevhenia Voitovych, a Chervonohrad medical psychologist.

It doesn’t take much to be cured of depression. Scientists have shown that when a person draws, writes, or sculpts with plasticine, their heart rate drops significantly, and this causes them to feel at least somewhat in harmony. Art therapy used to be used only in psychiatric clinics. But now, it’s used with all patients.

Eugenia asserts that anyone who creates something can be assured that it has helped them to relax, calm down, improve their mood, and solve their problems or experiences. Art therapy can be described as a form of psychotherapy or psychological correction that is based on creativity and art. It is actually a creative process that allows one to unconsciously recreate their inner state through art products.

– Art-therapeutic techniques allow us to work with our unconscious, which is the material that lies beyond our minds – somewhere deep. This is the place we don’t allow anyone to go. Art therapy is a way to work with children who are still unable or unwilling to share their feelings and experiences. They can communicate their feelings through the image. Even a specialist can respond and disassemble the details. These details are what make a difference and help you make informed decisions about your child’s upbringing.

All ages are encouraged to use art therapy: It helps children develop more and adults solve problems better.

No age restrictions are allowed in this area. It is possible for patients to be young children who just picked up a pencil and have never been taught how to use it. He also emphasizes the fact that older people often use these ways of balance and pleasure. They can create by knitting, sewing, or drawing and they are able to relax, as well as being inspired by their work.

The proper execution of exercises and techniques in art therapy encourages self-introspection and emotional intelligence. It also helps people to better understand their motives, emotions, values, behaviors, and feelings. The purpose of creative therapy is to resolve internal conflicts and reveal your personal potential. Sometimes, it can even reflect your social status or family status.

Working with a group, I drew a house together, and then I noticed that the woman was responsible for all the details, including the foundation and the body. It is clear to see what the role of the foundation plays in the family. It is clear that a man who finishes a fence or a bench at his home (laughs) has a non-central position. This format can reveal a lot about someone.

Eugenia believes that creativity can be the basis for such treatment. It’s not limited to drawing as most people think.

– Any type of art is possible, including clay, wood, and other traditional forms. A person should have fun with his work. Art therapy is free from any limitations – such as age, creativity, mentality, or psychological. Even people suffering from serious illnesses like schizophrenia can be treated. The specialist can interpret the drawings of these people.

There are many forms of art therapy, including puppets, music, animation, dance and phototherapy. Education in this field is the only thing that can limit patients. This means that if someone is studying to be an artist it is best to practice with him creating rhymes and sculpting clay. A professional painter will not paint haphazardly, but will strive to create a technically correct product.

It is best to have therapy sessions conducted by professionals, but it can also be done at home.

It can be used at home by mom by knowing the basics and details. The mother can help a child understand the meaning of an element if she repeats it over and over again. Maybe some experience.

A psychologist can perform art therapy professionally, or as a way to diagnose. This will be difficult for someone who doesn’t know how to do it. It’s one thing to diagnose, but quite another to fix. Red can be a sign of passion for one person and aggression for another. Each color has a different meaning, just like its hue. One element may be viewed one way by you, but I will see it entirely differently.

Art therapy practitioners will not be affected by the creative mind’s composition. Eugenia, for example, writes poetry. She feels art. We should remember that therapy is based upon him – art. Two words make up the term art, which comes from the English word “art” and therapy, which comes from the Greek. “Care, treatment”) . It is literally a treatment for art. It is an important part of the art world.

– Art reveals our inner hidden motives. You can draw what you lack or feel. Although it may appear that an element is not important, they play a significant role. A man could create a sun and draw lightning around it. It is she who can play an important role.

Eugenia says that art therapy’s main purpose is not only to calm but also to diagnose. Psychologists work with patients to determine the cause of their condition and provide guidance. The patient might be lying or not ready to hear the truth. The art-therapeutic product can help you to see the truth without being intrusive. To give space to the inner experience.

Many people have experienced creative therapy and found meaning in their lives. They also felt happiness and relief from depression. The monotonous drawing of hieroglyphs was a way to calm down ancient China. Ten years ago, cases in Odessa where parents were deprived of parental rights on the basis art-therapeutic drawings of their children are documented. Ukrainian Pravda has written about this. Eugenia, based on her own experiences, gives another example.

I worked with a woman going through divorce. It was a difficult situation. It is not wise to just console the woman by saying “it will pass”. We followed the art therapy path. She first painted her hate, then she painted her disappointment and finally, dinner. The pictures showed elements she had never imagined. It was easier for her to see the picture. She said that she painted when she didn’t see her partner. She also said that she cried when she saw us, which is quite interesting. She was so obsessed by the picture that she ended up cleaning her entire apartment to make it sterile. Art therapy was a way for her to get rid of this burden.

You can’t work with children in this manner, as children don’t understand why their parents sent them to a psychologist. They are already in a hostile environment and drawing is their only way to relax. They often draw an animal that isn’t there and add elements. You can see the aggression and anxiety they have.

It is less common to visit a psychologist in Ukraine than in the United States or Europe. This practice is often frowned upon by many people. They must be patient and take the time to become comfortable with the process before they can openly discuss it with a specialist. Eugenia believes that art therapy is the best way to work with these patients. This lesson has no risks. This lesson doesn’t require you to speak, but you can create in a relaxed environment. Art therapy is suitable for everyone.

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