About Radio


Sokal TV and Radio Company is a regional music and information radio station operating on 101 FM. Transmitter power – 1 kW.

The founder and owner of the Sokal TV and Radio Company is the Sokal District Council of the Lviv Region.

The company was established to provide in-depth and comprehensive coverage of socio-political, economic and cultural life of Sokal district, the state; prompt informing about events in Sokal district, Ukraine and abroad; dissemination of official information of state authorities and local self-government bodies; propaganda of Ukrainian culture and language, popularization of the best works of national and world literature and art; creation and dissemination of economic, journalistic, cultural and educational, medical and hygienic, artistic, educational, entertainment, sports programs, as well as programs for children and youth.

The main activities of the company are: production and distribution through transmitters and wired broadcast channels of its own radio programs and other audio products; use of national and foreign programs; production and placement of television programs on television channels; production and distribution of own video and audio products; providing materials of advertising content, congratulations, announcements and audio clips; using the global Internet to obtain information and post information about yourself and events in the region on your own website; retail trade in industrial goods, rental of video and audio media; organization, participation in radio festivals, competitions and holidays; promoting the strengthening of international relations of Ukraine, the region, the growth of their authority; ensuring, within the current legislation,

Among other radio stations in our area, Radio Sokal has the largest and most stable listenership, potentially numbering about 350 thousand people. Our signal covers the territory of Sokal, partly Radekhiv, Kamyanka-Buzka and Zhovkva districts of Lviv region, partly Gorokhiv, Ivanychiv and Volodymyr Volyn districts of Volyn region. The broadcast has been conducted since 2002. Since then, the radio station has been actively developing, improving the quality of the creative product and signal transmission.

At the end of 2004, TRK Sokal installed a tower 72 meters high and increased the signal power to the estimated one – 1 kW. These events provided an opportunity to receive a reliable signal of reception not only in the nearest settlements of Sokal and Chervonohrad, but also in Zhovkva, Rava-Ruska, Radekhiv, Ivanychi, Gorokhov, Volodymyr-Volynsky and Lublin Voivodeships of the Republic of Poland…

Since January 2003, the radio station has been rebroadcasting programs of Radio Liberty and programs of the FDR studio in Kyiv. The efforts of the Sokal TV and Radio Company staff have been rewarded at various levels. In 2008, the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine named us the “Best Local TV and Radio Company of the Year”. In 2012, for achievements and accomplishments in the field of mass media, they were awarded the diploma of the winner of the All-Ukrainian rating “Honest Taxpayers”. In November 2013, the Lviv Regional Council awarded the Sokal TV and Radio Company a diploma for the first place in the category “Best Local Television and Radio Organization” of the regional competition of journalism “Fourth Power”. The Secretariat of the National Union of Journalists of Ukraine awarded the staff of TRK Sokal with a Certificate of Honor for participation in the NSJU competition in the nomination “Best Radio Company of the Year”. In 2017, the company celebrated its 15th anniversary.

Beginning in 2009, Sokal Radio began broadcasting on the Internet, expanding the boundaries of signal transmission. Now our compatriots from abroad can listen to us. In addition, the TRK website is open, and official and unofficial Sokal radio pages have appeared on social networks.

The small broadcaster has a fairly large audience. The team consists of 11 employees: CEO, chief accountant, music editor, two advertising managers, four presenters and two correspondents.

Every day students have the opportunity to listen to 5 issues of “Regional News” and 8 news issues of “Ukraine and the World”.

Starting at 8 o’clock, our “lifting” presenters Iryna Bulka and Oksana Lushchyk will wake you up, tell interesting stories and suggest breakfast recipes, guide you along the paths of your native Ukraine and give you the mood for the whole day. In addition, Iryna will tell you about the people who defend our state, the memories of anti-terrorist operation fighters, the creative work of grateful Ukrainians for those who are no longer alive or still on the front lines.

In the congratulatory programs “Mood to order” at 12:10 and 18:05, which are wildly popular among our listeners, and in the 45th minute almost every hour you can send greetings or congratulations to your family, friends and colleagues.

About events in the region in the daily news at 12:00, 16:00, 19:00, 21:30 and 6:30 am. Natalka Novatska and Anna Brodyuk are correspondents and news anchors.

The daytime air will give you emotions. Together with the presenter Maria Korin, you will virtually travel through unknown worlds, hear something interesting about films, before you see it, you will be amazed at how rich we Ukrainians are!

Yuriy Romanyk will leave you with an unforgettable impression in the evening show “Evening without fuss”, within which the historical curiosities of today, favorite soundtracks from famous tapes, the program “Live Sound” with a concert of hits of world show business stars.

On weekdays and weekends, on the air of Radio Sokal, the science of spiritual mentors in the program “Daily Reflections on God”, the program “365 parables a day”, “Sokal – the ancient city on the Bug”, “History in terms of 101 FM radio” (authored by Natalka Novatska), stories about famous poets and writers, new personalities in the “Literary Readings”, a program prepared by specialists of the Sokal District Library. Also for students within the project, together with the Center for Secondary Legal Aid – the program “Legal Aid”.

Topical issues and problematic issues are discussed in the programs of Alexander Novatsky “Crossroads of Thoughts”. Its participants are representatives of the government and public organizations, politicians and specialists in various fields, MPs at various levels and just interesting people.

In addition, for everyone during the day – a horoscope, a look into the past and future, “Holiday every day”, weather forecast, classifieds “Poster”, commercial and social advertising and, of course, good music!