Miners announced that the international route would be closed

Vasyl Semkanych (head of the independent miners union of Ukraine at Stepova mine) and Vasyl Leniak (Mezhyrichanskamine mine) continue to hunger strike at Lvivugol. They’ve not eaten since November 12th, so they stay the night at Lvivugol. Non-payment of salaries by Lvivugol employees in October and September this year will likely result in the closing of the RavaRuska customs area’s international road on November 16. Vitaliy Onizhuk was the Chervonohrad NPGU’s head. He made the statement during an extended meeting of Lvivugol, mines unions and representatives of regional and local authorities. This meeting was held on November 13.

Vitaliy Onizhuk, head of Chernonohrad National Pedagogical University, read a letter to the President, Prime Min, Minister of Energy and Coal Industry and chairman of LODA. He also addressed 5 requirements to the National Pedagogical University.

The actual situation regarding wages is that more than 15% and 100% of October have yet to be paid. The miners claim that miners get a small percentage of their accounts which makes it difficult for them to accurately calculate their costs.

It should also be noted that certain mines have already met the annual coal production plan and are expected to surpass the norm by the end. Oleg Akimov, Acting Director at Lvivugol, supported this decision during the meeting.

Andriy Zalivsky, Chervonohrad Mayor, assured that the protest action would be discussed at the Chervonohrad Council session on November 15. He said that he would first consider the issue. Ihor Grabinskyi (deputy chairman of the Lviv Regional Council) stated that the action should have been made more aggressive and that other checkpoints should be blocked. He supported the regional council and Vasily Boyko, the deputy chairman, assured his support. An extraordinary session will be held on November 15th, where one issue will focus on Lvivugol’s miners. Mykola Polishchuk was a representative of President Obama and the deputy head of Sokal Regional State Administration. He expressed support for the miners and stressed the importance that the coal industry plays in the district budget, both now and in the past.

While the miners will gladly support local authorities, they also require support at the national level. They took such extreme measures because of this. If you had planned to cross the Ukrainian border at RavaRuska on November 16, reconsider your plans. Lvivugol employees will only allow pregnant women to use their special vehicles and possibly air tickets. Only the repayment of miners’ debts and the cancellation of the Ministry of Energy and Coal order No. 559 “On reorganization of State Enterprise” Lvivugol will change the situation. This order by the Ministry stated that the Ministry decided to reorganize Lvivugol’s enterprise through the joining of the “National Coal Company” state enterprise. Lvivugol must be reorganized by April 30, 2019, or else it will not be completed.

The territorial organization of the Trade Union of Coal Industry Workers of Ukraine warns against picketing LODA or LOR.

Noting that wages are still being paid, there were four receipts this week. For the payment of wages, a further 7% from September was transferred to the accounts at the state-owned company on November 14. The chief accountant at Lvivugol Tarasbabiy reported this. Total, 84% of September’s salary has been already paid.

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